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We organise foreign language tuition for companies and their employees across London.

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Business language classes

We organise one-to-one and group lessons for companies who want to bring language classes to their business. Our teachers can come to your office during the working day, early morning, lunch time, after office hours, even the weekends – whatever time suits you.

Perhaps you have an office abroad, or spend time visiting or studying foreign markets? Your lack of language skills may be holding you back. Learning a few basics of a new language could have a dramatic effect on your business in expanding overseas markets.

What to expect

Our teachers will teach your chosen language at the level required. They will create lessons which focus on social situations, basic business vocabulary, communications, presentations, or specialist vocabulary for your business. This includes conversation classes.

A beginner business language course will enable you to master basic business etiquette in just 10 sessions.

35 + languages to learn for business

The most commonly requested foreign languages are English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian. Recently we have seen increased demand for Japanese, Mandarin, Dutch and Swedish. We also have requests for Modern Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, Serbian, Norwegian, Polish and many more languages for corporate language tuition.

Personal tuition for corporate language learning

One-to-one tuition with a qualified teacher is undoubtedly the best way of learning a language.

Your teacher can concentrate on your own particular needs and problem areas, and may well turn into a good friend! You will be more willing to perform and make mistakes in front of an experienced teacher, and there is no better way to build on existing knowledge and consolidate new skills. Your confidence will know no bounds!

Two-to-one tuition can also work well, especially if the two of you are of a similar standard. There is the obvious advantage of being able to do role plays, an important tool for conversation and pronunciation. You can also do set homework together and practice between lessons. A bit of healthy competition can work wonders!

We can also cater for small groups of up to 6 (sometimes more, but many more than this would seem like a lecture). Small groups are good if the members are all concentrating on the same goal, such as business vocabulary, or making a presentation in a foreign language. Several businesses have remarked on our teachers’ ability to get their message across to a group of students in a short time, inspiring enthusiasm and making lessons fun!

Your choice of location

Your Talk Languages teacher will come to you. Language lessons for business are normally held in the student’s office or workplace. If this is not convenient, there are other options – a nearby cafe perhaps, or the quiet public spaces in the South Bank and Barbican Centres.

The great city of London with its riverbanks and parks is the perfect location for lessons alfresco! Our teachers can also come to your home to teach, and some teachers have excellent teaching facilities in their own homes. Lessons can also be conducted online, of course.

Timings to suit you

When are you free for lessons? Language lessons work best if you have lessons regularly, on a day and at a time which suits you and your company. However, you will always need a bit of flexibility for those unexpected events.

We have teachers who work during the day, in the evenings, and at weekends, so we should be able to find a teacher to suit you.

You can liaise with your teacher to rearrange tuition times – as long as you give 24 hours notice of cancellations and changes then no fee will be charged.

Flexibility is the key!

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Let's talk languages

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