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Online language tuition by Skype

Build up your CV and your confidence with one-to-one online language tuition. It’s a fun and effective way to learn, especially online at the moment!  A one-to-one language tutor is the most successful way to learn or progress with a foreign language. You are no longer in a classroom situation, so your tutor can concentrate on you alone. Your confidence will grow as you see the language really working for you.

Meet up online

Politicians, Scientists, Businesses, Researchers … many of us are meeting online at the moment. Universities and Colleges are conducting the majority of their classes online, primarily out of necessity, but also because it is so easy with today’s technology.

Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meet, FaceTime, Skype:  however you wish to enable your online lessons, it is little more than a click away.

35 + languages to learn online

The most commonly requested foreign languages are English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian. Recently we have seen increased demand for Japanese, Mandarin, Dutch and Swedish. We also have requests for Modern Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, Serbian, Norwegian, Polish and many more languages for both face-to-face and online language tuition. 

Our trusted qualified online language tutors

Talk Languages is fortunate in its team of qualified flexible language teachers of over 35 languages.

A mixture of native and non-native speakers, our experienced language teachers are dedicated professionals and our reputation keeps on growing thanks to them! All our teachers have a recognised teaching qualification, teaching experience and many have university degrees and other strings to their bow. Perhaps you are looking to learn a new language, hone your existing skills, or prepare for GCSE, A Level or other exam tutoring. Talk Languages tutors have the knowledge and the expertise you need. They can deliver their high quality language tuition online by Skype.

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Now choose the time.

Learn a language during daytimes, evenings, weekends, before work, after work, or in your lunch break.

Online language tuition fees

Our charges are simple and competitive and include all tuition and lesson planning, lesson materials and our own dedicated customer service. The price for a course of 10 x 1 hour online Skype lessons is £400. This is payable by debit/credit card or electronic transfer.  Worried about committing to a course without trying it first? We suggest that you pay in advance for the first session (£40 per hour lesson) then pay the balance once you know you are happy. We don’t charge handling fees or credit card surcharges. What you see above is what you pay. You can liaise with your teacher to rearrange tuition times – as long as you give 24 hours’ notice of cancellations and changes then no fee will be charged.

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Let's talk languages

Let's talk languages

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